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DNA exposure can have three significant effects on your business.

Ever have those days when you keep seeing the same thing, over and over…, like the universe is trying to tell you something? It may be the “Multiplicity Effect.”
Your Advertising and Marketing being seen by each person repeatedly at multiple locations is what the DNA System is all about.

Multiplicity Effect refers to a phenomenon where the impact or influence of something is magnified or amplified due to its multiple occurrences or presence. In various fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, and even art, the concept of multiplicity effect plays a significant role in understanding how certain factors can have a larger and more significant impact when they occur in larger quantities or are experienced repeatedly. This effect highlights the importance of considering the cumulative effect of multiple instances or occurrences rather than solely focusing on individual occurrences when analyzing or evaluating various phenomena. By recognizing and understanding the multiplicity effect, researchers, professionals, and individuals gain valuable insights into the interconnectedness and potential synergistic effects that can arise from repeating or accumulating certain elements.

The “Sensitivity Effect” refers to how individuals are affected by external stimuli or internal emotional responses. It is a concept that acknowledges the varying levels of sensitivity among individuals and the impact it has on their perception, behavior, and overall well-being.

We use this effect to draw in the viewer and create a desire to like, need, or want that your product or service can fulfill.

“The curiosity effect is a powerful psychological phenomenon that drives human behavior. It is the feeling of intrigue and interest that arises when we encounter something new or unknown. This effect compels us to explore, investigate, and learn more about the object or situation that sparked our curiosity”.

From a marketing standpoint, leveraging the curiosity effect can be an effective strategy to capture and hold the attention of an audience. Our DNA Digital Billboards use curiosity-inducing content, to generate curiosity-driven engagement and increase the chances of connecting your business with potential customers.

Our constantly Growing Host Locations

  • Contry Bear Day Spa
    Country Bear Day Spa
    12137 5th St, Yucaipa, CA 92399
    (909) 790-9502
  • Guadalajara Mexican Grill
    Guadalajara Mexican Grill
    33490 Oak Glen Rd Ste B, Yucaipa, Ca 92399
  • Hal's Liquor Store
    Hal’s Liquor Store
    12587 California St, Yucaipa, CA 92399
    Visit Host Website
  • Happy Boy Carwash
    Happy Boy Carwash
    32801 Yucaipa Blvd. Yucaipa, CA 92399-1944
    Visit Host Website
  • Jenny's Laundry
    Jenny’s Laundry
    34366 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa CA 92399
    Visit Host Website
  • Kim's Hapkido
    Kim’s Hapkido
    32999 Yucaipa Blvd Ste 109, Yucaipa, CA 92399
    Visit Host Website
  • Korita's Tires Yucaipa
    Korita’s Tires
    34996 Yucaipa Blvd. Yucaipa, CA 92399
  • L.O.L Indoor Kids Club
    L.O.L. Indoor Kids Club
    12013 5th St Unit B, Yucaipa, CA 92399
    Visit Host Website
  • Lazer Legacy
    Lazer Legacy
    32355 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, CA
  • MEGA Burger
    MEGA Burger
    34215 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, Ca 92399

Host Locations Map

Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor digital billboard is a form of advertising display that is specifically designed for indoor environments such as shopping malls, airports, stadiums, or retail stores. Unlike traditional static billboards, indoor digital billboards utilize advanced technology to display dynamic and engaging content. These billboards are generally equipped with high-definition screens, allowing businesses to showcase vibrant and eye-catching advertisements, videos, images, or interactive content. The content displayed on indoor digital billboards can be easily updated, allowing businesses to rapidly change their advertising messages based on their target audience, promotions, or market trends.

Yes, indoor digital billboard advertising can be affordable compared to traditional outdoor billboard advertising and other forms of advertising. With indoor digital billboards, your business will have more flexibility in terms of the time duration and frequency of your ad campaigns. You can make changes to your ads as needed, whereas other forms of advertising lock you into one ad.

Indoor digital billboard advertising has proven to be highly effective in capturing audience attention and promoting brand awareness. With their high-definition displays and dynamic content, indoor digital billboards have the ability to engage viewers and leave a lasting impression. Unlike traditional static billboards, indoor digital billboards can showcase multiple advertisements in a rotation, maximizing exposure and ensuring that the message reaches a wider audience. Furthermore, the flexibility of indoor digital billboards allows for real-time updates and targeted advertising, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to drive local sales and increase conversions. Whether it’s in restaurants, laundromats, or other indoor venues, indoor digital billboard advertising puts your brand in the spotlight and has the power to leave a memorable impact on potential customers.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) marketing uses digital advertising displays placed in public spaces to reach and engage with a larger audience. These advertising displays utilize digital screens to showcase dynamic and interactive content, including videos, animations, and targeted advertisements. DOOH marketing allows advertisers to deliver consumers more personalized and contextually relevant messages. This form of marketing is growing in popularity due to its ability to capture attention and deliver impactful messages to various audiences in various locations.

Digital billboards can be an effective tool for branding your business. With their vibrant and eye-catching displays, these billboards have the ability to capture the attention of a wide audience. Whether placed in high-traffic areas or strategically positioned near target markets, digital billboards can increase brand visibility and awareness. By showcasing your brand message in a creative and visually appealing manner, digital billboards have the potential to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Furthermore, the dynamic nature of these billboards allows for easy updates and changes to your advertising content, ensuring that your brand remains relevant and engaging. Incorporating digital billboards into your marketing strategy can be a valuable investment in building and promoting your brand.

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